Migrate all the things, ask all the questions



I am starting a migration project. How do I start planning? What questions should I ask?


  • It’s all about the source, about the source.
  • Lots of options, lots of decisions
  • The basics
  • The nitty-gritty

It’s all about the source, about the source

My mantra

The most important part of any migration project is understanding the source.

Plan Ahead

  • What does the site do?
  • What does it do well?
  • What needs to be improved?

Planning ahead will help you

  • Have a better site at the end
  • Avoid migrating everything “because it is there”

Mind your grammar

What is the vocabulary of your site?

  • Nouns: things (entities)
  • Adjectives: properties of things (fields)
  • Verbs: actions, business rules (administration, forms)
  • Adverbs: restrictions (roles, permissions)

Build back better

  • What could not be done when the original site was built?
  • What worked in the past?
  • What do we want to improve?
  • What challenges did the old site have?
  • How could it have been done better?

What is hiding under the bed?

All the stuff your shiny, new site does not have:

  • Change your mind
  • Replicated structure from previous migrations
  • Undocumented features
  • Forgotten experiments
  • Trojan horses

If only there were one word …

Lots of options, lots of decisions

Keep, kill, combine

  • The more we leave behind, the sooner we finish.
  • Replicate the original or restructure?


Do we preserve entity IDs or do we create new ones?

Timing is everything

  • All at once or incremental?
  • Content freeze?
  • How long will it take?

The basics

Size matters

How many items do we have?

  • Nodes
  • Files
  • Users
  • Taxonomy
  • Commerce (products, orders, invoices)

Speak my language?

Is the site multilingual?


Do we care about preserving revision history?

Those who forget history …

The nitty-gritty

Size is not everything

What is the content structure?

  • Simple: nodes with text fields
  • Complex: nested paragraphs, field collections, blocks
  • How deep do the references go?

Lions and Tigers and …

What is in your text fields?

  • Text and HTML tags
  • Links
    • external
    • internal, like /node/123
    • internal, like /blog/what-i-learned
  • Tokens (media, references)
    • How are they processed?



  • It’s all about the source, about the source.
  • Lots of options, lots of decisions
  • The basics
  • The nitty-gritty


Some of the ideas in this document come from a discussion in the #migration channel on Drupal Slack, started 2023-02-03. Contributors include

  • @Bisonbleu
  • @Will Kirchheimer
  • @Scott Sawyer


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