Contributing to Drupal

Benji Fisher

March 3, 2020


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  • The issue funnel
  • Why I review issues
  • Help wanted! (Some non-code contributions)

The issue funnel

How many?

Drupal core issues: 8.x, 2020-03-03

Status Number
Active 8174
Needs Work 4582
Needs Review 2857
Fixed 63
Other 1419

How many?

Drupal core issues: 8.x, 2020-03-03

Pie chart 

Who can move?

Drupal core issues: 8.x, 2020-03-03

Status Number Mover
Active 8174 Developer
Needs Work 4582 Developer
Needs Review 2857 Reviewer
RTBC 77 Committer
Fixed 63 N/A
Other 1419 ???

Why I review issues


From core/MAINTAINERS.txt

  • dries
  • webchick
  • Gábor Hojtsy
  • yoroy
  • effulgentsia
  • catch
  • plach
  • alexpott
  • larowlan
  • lauriii
  • catch
  • xjm


What does a reviewer have to do?

  • Test
  • Code review
  • Improve the patch

Most important:

  • Protect the committers’ time

Example: restructure

From Comment #80 on #2991207:

I would like to see the class of helper functions replaced with something more object-oriented: …


Example: protect committers’ time

From #3110186:

  • @xjm (#58): Issue tags: +needs followup
    … I think there’s some refactoring that should maybe be done, but that also would be a followup.

  • @benjifisher (#61): Issue tags: -needs followup
    I added #3117157: …

  • @xjm (#62): Perfect, thanks @benjifisher!

Help wanted!

Drupal core calendar

Drupal core calendar for the week of 2020-03-09 in Eastern time (ET) 

Weekly meetings

  • New front-end theme initiative
  • All things Drupal 9
  • API-First weekly meeting
  • Getting Involved Guide refresh
  • Out of the box initiative meeting
  • Layout initiative meeting
  • Admin UI meeting
  • Meta mentoring meeting
  • Weekly UX meeting
  • Migrate meeting

Weekly UX meeting

  • Zoom (announced on Slack)
  • Issues tagged “Needs usability review”
  • IA, wordsmithing, usability
  • Take notes, comment on issues, open new issues

Migrate meeting

  • Threaded Slack discussion
  • Saved as Meeting issues
  • Issues tagged NR in migration component

From Migrate Meeting 2020-02-27:

Part of the Migrate Meeting from 2020-02-27: “What do we need to talk about? …” 


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